Presale Information

  • Amount: 30,000,000 BMARS
  • 100% BNB raised liquidity lock: 6 Months lock duration
  • Whitelist: No
  • Max spend per account: 3 BNB
  • Softcap/Hardcap: 500/1,000 BNB
  • Presale price/Listing price: $0.01
  • Start block: July 25, 2021 15:00 UTC
  • End block: July 25, 2021 19:00 UTC

Join how?

Presales are conducted in two rounds (no whitelist).

Round 1

Reserved for UNCX and UNCL holders and lasts 2 hours. In order to participate your wallet will need to hold either 3 UNCX or 50 UNCL.

Round 2

If the presale doesn’t sell out in the first 2 hours it moves on to round 2. In round 2 anyone can participate (no need to hold UNCX or UNCL).

How to buy?

Step 2: Connect your wallet
Step 3: Enter the amount of BNB you want to spend (Max per wallet is 3 BNB)
Step 4: Accept and proceed with the Safety Alert
Step 5: Click Purchase and Confirm your wallet.
Last modified 5mo ago